The Wine Vault Restaurant

Modern French cuisine and the widest wine list in Croatia

People who like to enjoy themselves know that passion is in the detail. They know that first-class pleasure relies on the smallest details coming together, at the right place and time. If this does not happen, something that could have been perfect will remain merely "good". And good is not excellent.

We understand detail and, more importantly, we understand excellence. This is why you will be served delicate spectrums of taste at the Wine Vault, created for you by our top chefs and sommeliers to form a unique, unforgettable experience.

However, what makes the Wine Vault truly brilliant is its unique appreciation of wine – the attention we pay to wine is so great that we are able to prepare a meal according to your selection. You can choose from 550 ultimate wine labels, 225 of which are premium Croatian wines.

Keep in mind that the Wine Vault is not just another "in" restaurant, we do not take account of trends. You eat slowly and with pleasure here, paying attention to each bite and enjoying every sip of wine.

You chat with the sommelier and commend the chef during meal – you can feel right at home and there is no need to hurry. A meal at the Wine Vault is a moment dedicated exclusively to you. A moment dedicated to pure, true pleasure.